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Guitar Shadowbox / Frame Shop Art Gallery & GIfts

 Guitar Shadowbox

I found a guitar that I really liked, signed by four major Great American Country Music Stars,Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, Alan Jackson and Tracy Lawrence. Little did I realize that having four autographs on one musical instrument was going to create such a design challenge. After a little "brainstorming" and searching for more items too include in the display, I hit upon the final design concept.

     The key in this case, was not the guitar but finding four 45 records by each artist. Once I had the records, I found the photos to add to the story line for each Country Star. Everything was now in place, at least, in my head. Now came translating those design ideas to the real world.

     One of the challenges to be overcome in this project, was how to mount the guitar, securely, yet that didn’t damage it and was completely reversible. The answer was to make custom formed rods to hold the guitar. After deciding on location and shape of the rods, they needed to be padded with heat shrink tube so as not to abrade against the guitar. They were also color matched to the locations on the guitar becoming almost un-noticeable.


Blue rule



Military Theme / Haverstock Creative Designs

Since I live in Bedford, Nova Scotia, which is very close to Canada's East Coast naval base, CFB Halifax, I've had the pleasure and honour of creating many military memorabilia shadow boxes.

Military Shadowbox

This particular shadow box was interesting to work on as its design included a hand-wrapped Air Force tartan fabric mat (my first tartan mat!). The shadow box was presented to the recipient as a gift upon her retirement from being a naval aviator in the regular forces (she has since joined the reserves). The shadow box showcased a number of badges which were hand-sewn in place, as well as a couple of photos, including an aerial view of 4 Sea King helicopters. Military memorabilia shadow boxes rank high on my list of frames that I enjoy creating. They all have such interesting, and sometimes heart-wrenching, stories behind the items being displayed and they hold a special place in my heart as my father was a member of the Canadian Navy for many years.

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1st. Prize Frame / Hanging Around Hoover

"Say Cheese" shadowbox - 2006 1st place winner of Camera Frame

Framerica's "Take this job and frame it" national shadowbox competition.
For his entry, he constructed a gigantic camera, complete with a lens and live video feed, and filled the shadowbox portion with pictures of people and places that make him smile. It turns out his creation delighted others as well. Visitors to Framerica*s booth during DECOR Expo Atlanta in September voted Mixon*s project, titled *Say Cheese,* as the first-place winner out of eight finalists. *I was flattered, astonished and happy, very happy,* Mixon says. *It was a really great feeling to put your heart into a project and to be honored for it.*

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2nd Place PPFA’s International Framing Competition / A Framer's Touch

The art is titled “Virtue,” by James Christensen. “When cutting the mat, I added a simple scallop design to the corners,” Ling says. “I wanted viewers to focus on the girl and the light of her candle. By gold leafing the middle mats and using an antique gold leaf frame, the mood and feeling of the art is continued throughout the framing.”  

Framers Touch

Ling used a Larson-Juhl 2-inch Antique Gold frame No. 500540, and TruVue Museum Glass. The top mat, reverse bevel, is Bainbridge Fabric Mat No. 4115 Forest Floor; the second mat is Crescent Rag Mat No. 1126 Sand Dollar, cut 1/8 inch larger than the top mat, regular bevel. The Sand Dollar also is used for the third mat, and cut 1/16 inch larger than the second mat, regular bevel. The mat decoration is gold imitation leaf and acrylic paint.

The fourth mat uses the Forest Floor again, reverse bevel cut ½-inch larger than the third mat. The bottom mat is Crescent Museum Rag Mat No. 1125 Shetland, regular bevel cut 1/8 inch larger than the fourth mat. The mat decoration is with pumice stone and chalk pastels.

The Sand Dollar is used once again as the mounting board. The filler board is 3/16 inch acid free foam and the backing paper is white Tyvek paper.   Learn More About This Framer    



Ketuba / The Framer's Workshop

LaceKetubaThis lace cut-out hand-made Ketuba is embellished with gold foil and hand written calligraphy. We framed this masterpiece by floating the lacy filigree off of the silk backing with acid-free rear matting. On the face, we matted the Ketubah with an 8 ply acid-free rag mat and a matching silk hand wrapped mat lined with a gold fillet. The frame is a Senelar Larson-Juhl water-guiled gold Louis the XVI Craig Ponzio Design.


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“John does absolutely wonderful work. He has a great eye and attention to detail.”
Renay Conlin , General & Artistic Director , Toledo Opera
June 29, 2009

“John is a meticulous custom framer who's attention to detail shows not only in his craftsmanship of framing skills, but also in the manner in which he operates his retail business, Frame Shop Art Gallery & Gifts. Although a frame shop owner for only the past 5 years, John brings to the custom framing industry similar mechanical and design skills of 20 years in the Kitchen Design industry. His commitment to serving his customers well is illustrated in his approach to embracing technology and innovation within his frame shop. John is a active participant in his local Professional Picture Framing Association Chapter. John has an open attitude towards working and networking with fellow retailers and business people regardless to locale, while he continues to stride in setting his own business ahead.”
John Ranes II , Owner , The Frame Workshop of Appleton, Inc.
April 4, 2009


“John has provided quality framing for our organization, that has far exceeded our expectations. He also provides many different products/services that can enhance, display and preserve pictures, awards and various mementos.”
Keith Daly, April 9th. 2009